Hitting Bottom – Mulled Psalm 40

We bottom out alone and find ourselves
doing time in murky soul cells.
Alone? No, all one with You: waiting,
crying, fearing bottomless descent,
we glimpse Your human face and outstretched arms.
Your indelible Love Light fills death’s void.
We love You from the bottoms of our hearts;
in cell groups with other down-and-outers
we practice dancegiving anthems.

If on this holiday we give You
glossy praise (I thank you that I am
not like other people–evildoers…
or even like this tax collector)
call us back to Your bottom line, Love.


Neverending Road? – Mulled Psalm 39

Immersed in silent prayer we ache for peace.
How long can we absorb hate darts, guilt threats?
We smell death everywhere but can’t face it,
keep trying to catch a whiff of Pure Love.

Why does it always have to be tough love?
Fatigued with combat, sick of red tape snarls
we sit on fences, squashing impulses,
wearing earplugs, avoiding arguments.

But we’re caught in cross-talk. Peace is postponed
indefinitely. Life seems a quick puff,
death ever the tempter, money worthless.
Pinned to fear walls in anger’s din, we wait

for what? The Angel of Life? You, Jesus?
You were a refugee child in Egypt:
You understand; please help us, show us how
we can open doors and offer Shalom.

Weak Day Prayers – Mulled Psalm 38

On our day to honor You, Holy Friend,
we turn off our devices,
drive to church, spend an hour or two
in “worship” and “fellowship”,
drive home, eat, talk, read, walk and wonder
what’s wrong. Have You unfriended us?
Why do we think You’re testing our love
and we’re failing? Do we need tutoring?
This is supposed to be our strong day
but maybe our bond with You and others
holds better on weak days or sadder days?

Your Spirit Truth scans reveal
heart fractures, mind tumors, soul ulcers,
infections, obstructions, blockages.
Gentle Healer, we come to You, trusting
You will cure our cravings and
carry us through fasting and detox;
You will restore the light in our eyes
as we befriend refugees.
Hope will return as we pray
with Your Love even for enemies.

Family Letter – Mulled Psalm 37

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Love’s Family,

How we need each other’s encouragement!
Who can breathe in resentment’s putrid smog?
We scoot from envy’s heat to cold numbness
without one another’s kind attention.

But thanks to Earth’s Creator Sustainer
we are drawn together on Shalom Road.
There we entrust our lives to Love’s guidance;
there each child sleeps serene and hunger free.

At home in my bones, relishing stillness,
I wake to Love’s joyful sunrise Presence,
carefree, openhearted, looking ahead:
today we’ll listen and smile, faithful friend.

Greedy showoffs can’t rile or coerce us
for gentle voices preserve harmony.
Earth’s beauties nourish us with Spirit fruit,
patience and gratitude for all the hours.

Love’s humble dependents mourn injustice;
strugglers and stragglers relate their stories.
Companions on Earth’s Heaven-lit journey,
we preview our legacy at sunset.

Fondly, one of your psalm-writing siblings.

Dawn Prayer – Mulled Psalm 35

Please, for the sake of Your Lovely Earth
and humble humans who tend it fairly,
stop the exploiters, Creator God.
In Your Poetic Justice, tongue tie
gloaters with their evil-eyed gotcha jeers.
Turn the tables, Peace Master; expose
water stealers, war starters, banksters;
shut down the oiligarchy power grid.

Loving One, please advocate for quiet
vulnerable ones overwhelmed with debt
who can’t afford accidents or illness.
God, You see and care for non-voters,
subsistence farmers and frail elders.
You alone balance justice and mercy.
Relieve our arguitis. May we trust
You will confront jabbers with their folly.

Joyful Life Guide, draw us outdoors each day,
all-weather walkers, spiritual siblings.
Keep us living simply together,
worshiping You in dawn songburst dazzle.
ChincoteagueSunrise 011

Divine Rehab

Breath by breath, good life, Good Love renews:
yoga breath, swim breath, walk breath, work breath,
centering breath, heart-speak, Love-talk praise;
inhaling appeals, we exhale praise.

Paranoia paralyzes, but
Love sees breathless tears, hears praise yearnings;
Love’s laser angels heal humble souls.
We relish Love’s fruits in all seasons.

Child songs echo: praise brings peace; peace, praise.
Love’s marriage repair rejuvenates.
Seniors greet each other: How are you?
I’m fine now…. God is good!   All the time!

Sick lifestyles kill people and planet
but divine rehab revives, restores.
Peace-making, peace-keeping, our holy
vocation, lifelong, heart deep, worldwide.

Look Up – Mulled Psalm 33

Calling all Life Lovers:
Respond to Star Father’s
universe-filling Love signs.
Reclaim your native praise tongue.

Gladly reject the anti-Gods:
wealth, fame and war contradict Love.
Wisdom comes in Holy Peace;
True Joy persists with Justice.

Away from vengeful gloom,
follow Heaven’s Seer through
drought and hunger, even death.
Love Guide endures. Hope keeps health.

Odes for October Birthdays – Mulled Psalm 32

Turning 38

For centuries most Christians were dumb,
silenced by Christendom’s sentries,
dumbed down by fake guilt and false cheer,
offending and taking offense.

Love gently removes cover-ups,
lust build-ups and concealed weapons.
We join Jesus’ Homeschool, transforming
Love’s old lament to new merriment.

Turning 47

Forgiven and forgiving friends,
refreshed as transparent parents,
we reflect our transcendent parent.

Turning 69

At day’s end in autumn years, God
hears our confession of faithless fears,
absolves all guilt in joyous tears.

All the Time – Mulled Psalm 31

God, each one of us needs You.
Help us see we’re all refugees,
desperately seeking asylum.
Without Your fearless, life-renewing Love,
children and grandchildren come to see
churches as insane asylums.

Love, each one of us needs You.
Help us see we’re all prisoners,
desperately seeking freedom.
Without Your timeless life-empowering hope,
students and reporters see Christians
as wall-building timekeepers.

Jesus, You give each of us all we need.
End our years of snubbing and being snubbed;
unwrap the layers that mummified us.
With Your joyful, childlike courage
parents and grandparents will find
resurrection communities.

Spirit, You are present to each of us.
End our days of mindless, heartless
prideful greed and paranoia.
With Your deep breath peace infusions
sisters, brothers, servant-leaders will keep
encouraging one another.