High View – Mulled Psalm 15

How to keep focus on You,
knowing You focus on us,
Magnificent Creator?
One asks the birds each morning;
two encourage each other,
transparent, without mean streaks;
three discern Your new invite.
Roomfuls treasure Love’s presence.

Great Spirit, who is welcome in Your
Secret Place? Who is at home there?
These humble, brave souls cannot be
swayed by vileness or violence.
What a beautiful, solid life!

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Love Dances Forth – Mulled Psalm 14

Sarcastic cynics, we delete
your expletives. Godless, heartless
exploiters, earth-wreckers, get lost!
Though crooks bulldoze poor people’s dreams
God’s Live Word resurrects vision,
spurs action toward Earth’s renewal!
Let the festive singing begin.

Love dances forth, Partners Worldwide,
A Rocha International:
one movement leads to another.
Old becomes new: joyous, gentle,
generous Genesis Love streams
patient, faithful, Holy Love through
history with passion-powered Peace-
making Love from prophet poets.
Glorious, Gracious Gospel Love
inspires our ever-growing Life.

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Through Tears – Mulled Psalm 13

How many more rapes,
molestations, violations?!
How much more hate, anger,
revenge, abuse, violence?!

No way we can pray it away.
Healer, Unifier, Reconciler,
we can’t conjure You up, need to see You!
Where are You, Love?
When will every eye see You?

Through tears we start to realize Your Peace,
in smiles visualize Your Joy.
Mercy, God, how much longer?
When, if ever, will we see You?
Yet we trust Your loving power,
divine, ever-close Friend.

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The Password is Love – Mulled Psalm 12

Everywhere in all times wordy rivals
erect towers of deceitful babble.
Money masks petty parasites. Spiteful
debaters pitch hot air campaign balloons.

Everyone’s words are empty–
bloated untruths, glazed with sweet talk.
Your Word gleams like sun on ice,
pure as baby’s first teardrop.

God, welcome us to Your deep breath silence
where Your vibrant Love Word will render us
immune to venom, healed to heal others
with gently voiced words that spark kind actions.


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Peace for Today – Mulled Psalm 11


In murky mind tunnels death wishes lurk,
taunting: you blew it; you will never learn;
your words and work are worthless; you’ll never find
your child self and always regret the mess
you made of adulthood and parenting.

Yet outdoors in hushed heart rooms songs echo:
no more suicide or homicide threats;
being human we are in communion
definitely with all other humans,
infinitely with You, One in Three.

Yes, Love, You transform ego to we grow.
We are safe here with You, God.
Why this fearful urge to flee?
God, You are good. You love justice.
You will guide us to face Your Love.

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Reality Check – Mulled Psalm 10


Far from You we lack Your eyes, Your heart.
Insulated from suffering, distant,
unrelated, we reduce twenty
eight million children to abstract stats
though one face, one urgent stare haunts us:
loss of innocence, loss of family;
lost heart, lost mind, lost identity.
Yet You know her inside out, love him
with life resurrecting energy.
All-seeing One, You see the suffering!
Weigh each groan and teardrop, for victims
depend on You. Break evildoers’
power; call them to account. Divine
Judge, You rule the Universe in Peace.
Loving God, You draw close to those who
yearn for shelter, water, food, freedom.
Draw us close too. Focus us in Love.

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Prayer in Solidarity – Mulled Psalm 9


On the edge again, God we are weary
sick to death hearing of abductions, rape,
child soldiers, child slaves, sex slaves. We give up,
overwhelmed by news from slums, camps, shanty
towns, barrios, dumps. Aghast, we turn from
diseased, starving, homeless, tortured people.

Yes, we know there are good people working:
IJM, World Renew, World Relief, World
Vision, Peace Corps, Mercy Corps, and more who
rescue, restore, mediate, advocate,
teach, heal, partner, empower for Love’s sake.
But destruction and corruption persist.

All our prayers and donations can never
quench tears for squandered years, scattered families,
waste, vanity, gluttony, lust or fear.
Jesus, we yearn to come alive in Your
legendary compassion every day.

God, look on us today in Your Mercy;
draw us from the panicked brink of despair.
You never forget one needy person
but offer Hope to each soul that suffers.
May we freely publicize Your Kindness,
thriving in Your Ever-Living Power.

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Ocean Sunrise – Mulled Psalm 8


The child wakes early, before
anyone else in the house.
Quietly she ventures out,
eager to explore this new
place and time, glad for gulls cries
across dawn’s colorful skies
where mystery hovers over
constantly moving ocean.
Her eyes glisten with God’s tears
rippling, washing shore and cheeks,
tears of unabashed joy for
sun’s radiance and wind’s vigor.
The girl’s arms, hands, eyes raise like
a toddler’s “pick-me-up” reach
in pure adoring trust. Yes!
She is eight or sixty-eight,
alive in sea breeze, walking,
dancing as Brother joins her,
forgetting for now oil spills,
climate extremes, wars, hate crimes.

Your Excellency! Cosmos Creator,
Celestial King: Babies sound Your praises;
children’s chanting shames Your foes to silence.
You adorn our lives with Glorious Purpose
to tend life on land, in air and water.
God, Your Majesty! Holy Creator!

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High Time – Mulled Psalm 7

It’s noon. No one can outrun the sun.

Ozone leisure zone is gone.

High noon flings regrets:

Sorry we jumped the gun;

better to have been a nun?

In this long June noon none can escape

January follies. New escapades,

mad dashes for shade, landscape make-dos–

all futile efforts to reimagine

heartache-free October families.

“You blew it!” burning rays blare:

took for granted clean air, soil, water, love.

Now too late to stave off trauma,

Earth teeters in triage on choke-point brink.

God Alive, our Hideout: Strong Love, rise,

preside, vindicate and empower us.

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Trinity Monday – Mulled Psalm 6

Full June moon cannot contain constant unheard heart thirst pain.

Plastic keyboard’s background beat repeals babies’ hungry screams.

Eerie reminders echo, muting gut-tearing queries.

Ease eludes every effort. Disease disputes each comfort.

Cradles rock while split shale fumes poison wombs, multiply tombs.

Back off, demons! God listens, receives each tear, prayer and sigh.

Come Love Power, Three in One: be our Parent, Sibling, Son.

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