Ascent 11 – Psalm 130

Highest Power, hear our muffled pleas.
We're entrenched, bogged down in self-dug holes,
can't see each other, much less You, Love,
but our sorry hearts hear Your pardon.
We tarnish and break Your Golden Rule
yet You retrieve us from bleak tunnels,
transport us to Hope's High Holy Ground.
Like flood victims awaiting rescue,
like refugees seeking asylum
we yearn for Your New Day, Creator!

Ascent 2 – Psalm 121

Look up, hikers; scan lofty horizons;
head for the Black Hills, inspired, not frightened,
fired up, not tired. Unsleeping Love
shields and braces all our steps, embraces
us with joy at each outset and comeback.
Look beyond; look within. Joiner of seen
with unseen Renew's our Love Energy.