Dear Divine Healer – Psalm 116

What a relief! You're all ears, and all heart😊
Thank You for sensing our secret whimpers,
absorbing every loss, easing each hurt.
We praise You for bathing fevers, fractures,
tumors, tremors in Undiluted Love.
How priceless Your cure for greed or despair!
We treasure Your gift of shared tears at death.
To You we entrust our banners of hope🙂

Morning Moon – Psalm 115

Stop, Soul, get off ego's train:
trying to be a writer,
wanting to be an artist,
needing to be a grandma;
Spirit me, Love, from station to station.

Look, Church, is there life beneath our surface?
Brainwaves rise and fall;
can we detect a heartbeat?
Emotions appear,
any actual motions?

Listen, People: discern Love.
Trust our Creator's empowerment
for noble purpose as passionate,
compassionate caregivers
for each other and this wondrous planet.

Pregnant Prayer – Psalm 109

Highest Power, Greatest Love,
we've lost our voice, run out of words.
Who will stand up for the earth, for the poor?
Jesus, You know how we've tried
but corporate hawks and vultures
strip us of all privilege.

Hearts buried at Wounded Knee 
rise up today at Standing Rock.
Good God, halt the exploiters;
show them their expiration dates.
May their oily deals boomerang,
spike pressures, clog arteries,
cause their own strokes and heart attacks
while surviving tribes honor You,
Great Spirit of Living Waters.