Dear Readers,

Starting this blog is like getting into the indoor swimming pool. Cold–all the colder now that it’s 90* outside & the shower was Hot. I’ve been hot to blog for over a year now, getting hotter being on FB & reading others’ blogs. Signing up last night w/ WP & uploading my header photo was like a preswim shower.

Now I’m trying to ease my way into the cold, vast crowded silence of the web.  “Hello, World” was the default.  Altho’ I’d like to address the world I’m too realistic (& yes, too self-conscious–apologetic?).  I Know No one will read this. No one has time or will find it WorthWhile. Yet at the ripe age of 63 I’m driven to redirect my mullstream into the mainstream.

May it be a Spirited, nonlonely effort.