Advent 3

Come, O Prince of Peace. Come, O Prince of Peace. Come and be born in our hearts.

This week I’m praying Jesus, Prince of Peace, come to Port-au-Prince. God have mercy: hear the prayers of those from 25 churches praying at 5 a.m. each day for transformation of Haiti, for a peaceful resolution to the election, for an end to the cholera epidemic, for homes, schools, churches, and plenty of healthy food and water.

The Hebrew word for peace, shalom, means far more than the absence of conflict. Shalom is wholeness, restoration, harmony, personal and environmental well-being, the fruit of justice and righteousness.

Because of political unrest in Haiti, Quisqueya Christian School had to close down early for Christmas vacation. People were confined to their immediate neighborhoods. The run-0ff election is tentatively scheduled for January 16, but Michel Martelly’s supporters are claiming fraud and protesting their candidate’s exclusion.  I am praying with CRCNA Partners in Haiti that everyone will be safe, the violence will end and nothing will hinder the arrival of volunteers in January.

On January 12, 2010, the “last bucket of cement was poured” to complete Belladere Christian Reformed Church’s new building before the earthquake hit. Throughout the quake and aftershocks it “stood strong”.  In the months following Pastor Pistais and the Belladere deacons led the church in caring for handicapped people, “the weakest in their community.”

Stories abound of God’s love in action.

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