Poems for Epiphany

Search Party

From ancient distant kingdoms
stargazing sages journeyed
in wonder of a promised king.

Did those pilgrims know the child
they found was ch’i and tao,
Life-light’s wisdom embodied?

Did they have any inkling
of morning stars singing with
this child at creation’s dawn?

From present dream or fact realms
wise people move together
toward the one bright Morning Star.


Winter Buds (Luke 2:25-38)

No brittle sticks these arms:
ev’ry branch curves out, yes
up! to end in a bud.

Each knobby black twig points
to the gray bud it holds
aloft like Simeon

holding the swaddled bundle
up for blessing.

Curled fetal, motionless
under covers, unheard
like a dogwood bud I

wait sleep-swathed, skeleton
hidden, soul open to
holy bud-blessing light

like Anna in the temple
fasting, praying.



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