Give us today our daily food. What we need to survive. Way more than bread or money as Julio Diaz, the “victim who treated his mugger right,” realized. What the world needs now and always is love: someone to feed us, arms to hold us, kind words, companions (people who eat bread together).

We need people who become bread for each other: Bread for the City; Bread for the World. Henri Nouwen called it the Life of the Beloved— taken, blessed, broken and given.

This week I devoured an amazing story, set in Annapolis Maryland, of people growing, rising like yeast in dough, to provide bread for each other and others, especially children. Granted it’s fiction, but books like Solomon’s Puzzle by Loris Nebbia nourish our souls.  Together Jim and I are savoring In the Company of Others by Jan Karon, another feast of yeasty companionship.

No one person can be the conduit for all the spiritual bread a child or spouse or friend needs. But all who taste the bread of life each day can’t keep it to themselves. When that heavenly bread becomes the staple of our diets, we realize nothing else satisfies. We begin to understand how work can be food (John 4:32-34). We “devote” ourselves “to the breaking of bread and to prayer” eating “together with glad and sincere hearts” (Acts 2:42-47).


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