Love is the joy of making eye contact with a hungry, hurting child, talking and smiling with him, remembering his name, giving him water, food, attention. (As We See It by Marlin Vis in Perspectives Journal, March 2011. Photo from Light for the World.

Love is being a mediator, a go-between, pursuing peace, resolving conflicts, finding ways to love enemies, tasting peace that passes understanding with Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraq and other countries.

Love is patient listening, waiting, hoping through countless hours, days, weeks, months and years, noticing persistent, ever-resurgent growth like this couple celebrating their 60th anniversary.

Love is instinctive kindness, compassion, respect in conversation and action.  Love is humankind reflecting our Loving Creator, full of empathy and solidarity with every other person. Every day there are many opportunities and needs for kindness. Right now we can reach out to Japanese children through Mercy Corps.

Love overflows with gratitude for God’s goodness in generosity, gracious hospitality, good work, godliness and always seeing the good in people and situations. Love is faithful, trusting and trustworthy, never-ending, based on and fired by God’s infinite love in Jesus. Love is gentle, tender, playful, humble, quiet, unobtrusive. Love is the self-controlled, God-dependent, healing, reconciling Jesus way of life, death and resurrection.

How fitting that I’m up to L in this Mulled Words expansion during this time between our sons’ weddings. Christopher and Mary Susan were married in Maryland on April 2, and soon we’ll be flying to California for David and Charissa’s wedding.

Each couple will receive a book of “Poems, Blessings and Wishes for Newlyweds” in which I have two poems published.


Prayer for Fruit

O God, teach us to be always freely giving, living in love. Remind us often to voice praise to each other and You above.

Let our love be ever joyful, new, renewed every week and year. Let us be content and peaceful, thrilled to sense You are very near.

May our love with patience expand as we still wait on You in prayer. With kindness let us lend a hand, encouraging some other pair.

Show Your goodness through us, we pray, in words of love and generous acts. Keep us faithful in every way, shielded from devious attacks.

Let self-control and gentleness channel our thoughts and feelings toward whatever is true, right and best: may our union shine for You, Lord.

Dear Newlyweds,                                                                                                             May you always worship God together, never worship yourselves or each other.

May you always remember your good times and forget every hard, sad, bad time.

Let your love be spoken true and often in words as well as in faithful action.

May you enjoy many common interests,    yet appreciate your differences.

May you learn to sleep soundly together, ever growing in trust of each other.



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