The Aging Myth: Unlocking the Mysteries of Looking and Feeling Young, like most current best-sellers, is one I won’t be reading. I’ll stick with Isaiah and friends. Here’s a young Welsh author’s paraphrase:

God recharges the weak with his power. Even teenagers need him to fill their energy tanks. Even they trip up… land flat on their faces. But those whose prospects are tied up with God will get a second wind, third wind, fourth, fifth, sixth. They’ll fly, magnificent, like eagles on the Nature Channel. They’ll run marathons back to back. They’ll walk mountains at midday, midsummer and not even break sweat.

With Isaiah I long for God’s re-creation: “Never again will there be infants who live but a few days, or older people who do not live out their years; those who die at a hundred will be thought mere youths; those who fail to reach a hundred will be considered accursed.”  The opposite of now, when we remember “Abraham, Martin and John” and “it seems the good die young.”

As I approach my 65th birthday though, I am seeing: “It is good for people to bear the yoke while they are young”(Lamentations 3:27). Richard Rohr (approaching 70)

recently watched a documentary on the life of Helen Keller. She seems to have leaped into the second half of life in the chronological first half, once she discovered her depths and despite her severe limitations. She lived an entire life of rather amazing happiness and generativity for others. She was convinced that life was about service to others and not about protecting or lamenting her supposedly handicapped body.

Rohr gives another example of those who benefit by “bearing the yoke” in youth: “Many of the happiest, most generous and focused people I know are young mothers.” True, and I would add young fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, as well as all who know the One whose yoke is easy, whose burden is light.

Here is my prayer for today (from Mulled Psalms #71):

We are safe with You, God; Keep us confident in Your goodness. Hear us pray; save us, even from ourselves. Shelter us always sane in Your Spirit. Come retrieve us from the clutches of those up to no good. We have looked up to You, trusted You from youth; You blessed our mothers with healthy childbirth. We will always thank You. God, inspire us till we tell our children all the good You do. Your love radiates endless as the sky — who compares to You? Though You test us with many bitter tastes You will revive our flagging spirits gently, tenderly.

One thought on “Youth

  1. MrTheKidd

    Amen and amen! I think the idea of being yoked is one that doesn’t produce and immediate mental image in modern western culture as there aren’t may oxen walking around cities! When we spoke about in life group this week, a few lights went on as people realised that Jesus wasn’t just loading us up, albeit gently, but he actually does the work with us, taking half the strain, walking in step with us and keeping pace. What an amazingly humbling picture. Now for a modern version – any ideas?


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