Mulled Word Lines

Great Spirit, unite us in awe of You; nourish our come-union with fresh soul bread.

Christen Your peace-building emissaries: Holy One, purify all our desires; recharge us as mother earth care-givers.

Jesus, free each bound and driven spirit; grow us up to respect and reflect You, ground our hope towers, open curtained panes.

Guide us together toward integrity; release our spirits in circle dance joy; keep us aware, awake to Your presence.

Your love enlivens all our endeavors; make us friends in creative adventures, new families, beautiful communities.

By Your power we overcome addictions — walking, singing, drawing, dancing in prayer; You breathe listening quiet in, among us; gratefully we receive all Your great gifts.

Life-light, ignite us; shine through our small lights.

Bolster our trust in You, in each other: guide us toward understanding that listens to Your voice in the moans of the voiceless.

May all our work serve Your kingdom of love; show us humble ways to exalt You, God, in vibrant, exuberant lifelong youth.

By compassionate zeal Your shalom comes!

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