2 for y’all and them

New Psalm Poem 2

Earth Mama families
why we so angry
cookin’ up trouble?
So many boys, some girls too tryin’ to be boss,
dissin’ papa, trashin’ mama.
Who’s laughin’? Watch out!
Meltin’ pot’s simmerin’, seethin’, boilin’!
Oooh yaeh, but MamaPapa put their homeboy in charge–
with that superbro’ we’re coool.

Psalm 2 from Mulled Psalms: Moving from I to We

World leaders, why presume? How dare
figureheads flaunt selves, tout isms,
defying the Transcendent One?
Listen, posturing technocrats!
Holy Love laughs sadly. Listen!
Shiver under God’s displeasure.
Hear God name creation’s ruler,
empowering Peace Prince to topple
regimes and pulverize shackles.
Kings, presidents, come and kneel now.
Love and serve with Servant Master,
always radiant, always at peace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Psalm 1

From Mulled Psalms: Moving from I to We

Happy ones ignore talking heads;                                                                                                 glad souls repel liars,                                                                                                                 never befriend jabbing jokers.                                                                                               Rather they savor live words night and day:                                                                           like river-irrigated forests God-                                                                                        freshened, joyous peace-seekers thrive.                                                                                What of God-denouncers?                                                                                                    Hapless dustballs, self-made justifiers–                                                                          hopeless, ruthless, they are devoid of trust.                                                                            God who sees all knows who is just.                                                                                 Violence blinds and self-destructs.

New Psalm Poem 1

Imagine a garland of lush islands,                                                                                                    a body of mountain trekking people,                                                                                          tree planters, gardeners, unfazed by blabber,                                                                          who absorb and radiate God’s wisdom.                                                                                 Listen: Wind gusts canceling rat-races,                                                                              toppling social ladders. From storm’s eye                                                                                  God sings: I see, I know; I see, I know.

Simple Epiphanies

As I marveled at today’s dawn sky, Jim called to make sure I saw it. He’d been at work over an hour already and put in ten hours yesterday.

As I worked alone at home on the church newsletter, a friend forwarded Jane Kenyon’s poem “Staying at Grandma’s,” which I don’t remember reading before.

According to my dictionary, Epiphany (proper noun) is “a Christian festival, observed on January 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles in the persons of the Magi,” and an epiphany is “an appearance or manifestation, especially of a deity.”

However momentary and fleeting, epiphanies are momentous, timely and timeless. Yet I believe these heaven-on-earth revelations occur far more often than we realize and may be as simple as receiving a phone call or email.

This afternoon I went searching, following the dazzling sun to watch ducks and geese on Greenbelt Lake. It was a good day to be in a daze there on a bench giving thanks to our loving Creator.

On the way back I phoned daughter Jean who was on her way to Mt. Shasta with her husband and sons for a weekend with friends. Out of the blue she wished me Happy Epiphany.

How does God’s love shine into your life today? What simple epiphanies delight and enlighten you?