2 for y’all and them

New Psalm Poem 2

Earth Mama families
why we so angry
cookin’ up trouble?
So many boys, some girls too tryin’ to be boss,
dissin’ papa, trashin’ mama.
Who’s laughin’? Watch out!
Meltin’ pot’s simmerin’, seethin’, boilin’!
Oooh yaeh, but MamaPapa put their homeboy in charge–
with that superbro’ we’re coool.

Psalm 2 from Mulled Psalms: Moving from I to We

World leaders, why presume? How dare
figureheads flaunt selves, tout isms,
defying the Transcendent One?
Listen, posturing technocrats!
Holy Love laughs sadly. Listen!
Shiver under God’s displeasure.
Hear God name creation’s ruler,
empowering Peace Prince to topple
regimes and pulverize shackles.
Kings, presidents, come and kneel now.
Love and serve with Servant Master,
always radiant, always at peace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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