Psalm 9 Remix

YOU our hearts altogether PRAISE !  (not military strategists, political candidates, elected or appointed officials, movie stars or athletes)  ALL YOU One-in-Three do sparks WONDER, JOY, CREATIVE CELEBRATION !

YOUR SUPREME JUSTICE silences our savage critics.  Under YOUR NEVER-ENDING MAGNIFICENT MAGNANIMOUS RULE people KNOW YOU, TRUST YOU: unassailable Refuge of refugees; Triage Center ever open; complete, permanent, ever-accessible, never hackable, virus immune Divine Interactive Database. None are abandoned; no wounds neglected; no wrongs forgotten; no violations unpunished; no hopes extinguished.

Look now, Master.  Award hurters their just deserts.  Draw us back from life’s edge. This is our PASSION: To broadcast the GOOD NEWS of YOUR COMPASSION.  Take charge, GOD:  preside; judge; grip every human ruler with holy terror; cut every corporate conglomerate to human size.


#9 from Mulled Psalms: Moving from I to We

With heart-driven poems we long to praise You.
Celebrating Your astounding actions
we rejoice in Your majestic presence.
May our songs trumpet Your supreme honor.
Accusers give up their case against us,
stunned to face You, Defender of Justice.

Sovereign One, do You devastate nations
and decimate vengeful, vicious people?
All-seeing One, You always judge justly,
shelter outcasts, safeguard troubled masses.
God, to know You is to trust You, the One
who never turns from those who look to You.

You remember and punish bloodshed,
never overlook mistreated people.
God, look on us today in Your mercy;
draw us from the panicked brink of despair.
May we freely publicize Your praises,
thriving in Your ever-living power.

Let God-denying regimes self-destruct,
lost in labyrinths designed to trap others.
Your justice is famous. Wily leaders
who forget You die and are forgotten.
You never forget one needy person
but offer hope to each soul that suffers.