Praying Psalm 13 Today

Holy One, how many years?
Are You gone from earth forever?
All-Seeing One, how many times?
Are Your eyes closed to hurting people?
Tender One, how many hours,
days, weeks, months must these wounds fester?
How many decades will violence rule?

Is Your name still LOVE? Let us know You care!
Give us hope before the system kills us;
aggressors chuckle at our fall.

Your name is LOVE ALWAYS.
We will dance in body-spirit joy
for Your constant generous gifts.

Psalm 12 Easter 2012

Good God, HELP!  Your good people are gone!
Everybody lies, spins, paints, and brags.
Silence them, God-power beyond words.

YES, replies the Raised One. Yes, because
I see my children lured, raped, enslaved;
I hear homeless, hopeless people’s moans.
My Body will embrace and shield them.
My core truth radiates diamond pure.

YES, Great God over all gods: You rise
with, for, even in us to resist
opinions, fads, ambitions, slogans.