Prayer Lines After Psalm 17

God, we need to know You read us:
may she trust You see her heart tears;
let all affirm his honesty.

Weigh our attitudes, Holy Love:
scan each quiet mind at midnight;
hear her soul voice, observe his work.

God, we loathe fighting; hate losing
contact with You, People Lover.
Your grace guards us, brings out our best.

Stone-hearts hold sway; braggarts hold forth.
Step in, Master; step up for us.
We see Your face and rise in peace.


Prayer Verses on Psalm 16

God, we turtle people need Your
diamond-solid transparent shell:
we minus You equals zero.

But heaven-tuned heroes tend Your
garden joyfully, free of mad
efforts to please designer gods.

You plant us in holy households,
nests lined with happy morning song;
through long nights Your wise voice whispers

Love. Yes, You, our true Contact Lens,
Steady Rudder, Life Preserver.
We swim in Your glad ocean currents.