Psalm 90 for Mom’s 90th Birthday

Father, Clarice has been at home in Your family for countless generations.
She worships You, Creator of Adirondack peaks,
Summoner of Atlantic sunrises and Shenandoah sunsets.

Clarice knew dust-to-dust loss from early childhood
as You drew her older sister beyond death and time.
Years later, yet seemingly too soon, You welcomed her father.
Many good years later, in Your timeless grace, Clarice bid
fondest farewells–first to her mother, then her younger sister,
and finally her beloved husband of more than 60 years.

Fear of Your frown often brought her down,
but she made every day count–
enduring woes, pursuing Your wisdom.

Your new-morning love always sings in her heart and voice.
In this new decade, may Clarice witness Your ever more wondrous
affirmations of tender, purposeful care for herself
and her children, to the third and fourth generation.

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