Second Childhood

When she was a child
wishing she was a boy,
she climbed, jumped, swam and dived;
she biked, skied, batted and ran.

When she was an athlete
wanting to be an artist,
she drew, sketched, crayoned and painted,
molded, constructed, designed and lettered.

When she was an art student
too eager to be a wife,
she graduated, married, birthed a son,
taught art and reading, adopted a daughter.

When she was a married woman
yearning to be a good mother,
she carpooled, commuted, worked home and job;
she multi-tasked and birthed a daughter.

When she was a homemaker
studying recreation and gerontology,
she worked various part-time jobs,
got her Masters, was divorced.

When she was a single mom and caregiver
searching for her soul mate,
she lost mentors, started a business,
bought a house, became a grama.

When she was remarried
longing to be a writer,
she retired, did childcare, volunteered,
traveled, hosted, researched and wrote.

When she was an author
dreaming of being a child,
she walked, played, found friends,
prayed, danced, talked, read and slept.

—-published by The Penwood Review, Spring 2012