Psalm 19 Echo

Silent skies above all lands
beam Your wonder song, Creator.
You enshroud sun’s burning rays,
unveil the orb anew each dawn.
Holy mysteries distant, near:
Scripture’s wisdom, million stars’ light.
Can we know our own mixed motives?
Heart Friend, hear beyond our words.

Remulled Psalm 18

Spirit-power God, we love You.
Fallout shelter host, on You we
call. About to die, we cry for
Your shalom guard surge protector.
Here and now we know You hear us.

Fire Breather, wind-borne, cloud-clothed
brilliant, booming One, You blow off
every bully. We are squeezed out,
used up, but You always love us,
give us all good space to flourish.

Holy God, You open doors; You
bless our humble honest efforts.
Who but You dispenses power?
You displace the might-makes-righters,
Greatest Spirit, Highest Ruler!