Praying through Psalm 28

David called You Rock:
You were his nation’s cornerstone,
their solid fortress.
Yet David lamented, asking
as we ask today:
God, are You stone deaf?
We need You to see and hear us
trapped among sweet-talking haters.
Lead us out, Spirit;
then crush all who belittle You,
Divine Boulder, Cosmic Rock Star!
Free and unite us
to sing and dance in
Your Firm Love Castle,
tenacious, tender, true Sovereign.

Praying Psalm 27 for Epiphany

Living Light, Soul-healing 
Laser, You zap fear’s fangs.
In Your radiant calm
all qualms evaporate.
Attackers buckle at 
heart-doors guarded by You.
All we ask is always 
to bask in Your presence–
focused, sheltered, transfixed.
Unfazed by nitpickers
we worship in pure joy.
Hear each heart-birthed appeal,
O God of Love. Meet every need:
parent him; mentor her.
Rescue us from hateful
liars; guide us, God. Yes!
Here, now, alive in hope
we await Your Love Light.