Collage2 – Going On



Tear-stained view from inner space
reveals Planet Earth burning.
Trees fall. Swift neon streams rise,
rushing to escape acres
of ever-burning rubble.
Refugees’ eyes cry silent
prayers. Dollar signs and questions
fume above molten debris:
(What in the world is) going on?
What must we learn? and unlearn?
How did it start? Who? Cares?

Collage#1 – Alive?


Poster Portrait, can your
corrugated ear squares
hear? Are you alive? Why
your torn forehead ridged with
question marks and shock points,
your neck and temple bound
with crooked cross-stitches?
Who are you? Obama?
Any one? Jesus? Me?
What stories do you see
moving from eye to heart?

Talk us into it, Psalm 31

We say “You are our safe haven”
yet we pray “Be our safe haven.”
Clothe us in Your love force armor.

You freed us in Your Wonder Land.
Keep us free from traps and idols;
silence liars; shine Your True Love.

Good God, see, hear! Disgraced, denounced,
diseased, despised, we cry to You.
Yes we trust You.  Yes we love You.