Collage#6 – Split Level



More than a mile below ground level
a million-plus gallons of water,
sand and chemicals blast through shale rock.
At CEO/government levels
it sounds good: clean, low-cost, natural
gas; energy independence; jobs!
They say the playing field is level
and they promise to level with us.
But eminent domain rights usurp
private property. Noise levels, dust
and toxic fumes devastate our health.
Hydraulic fracking scars earth and sky
on countless levels, depleting and
degrading precious water supplies.
Goodbye gardens, wetlands, dragonflies.

Psalm 32 in 3 movements

Stuck. Choked with dead words:
no good, all wrong.
Excuse says regret;
Accuse says fault, blame.
Paralysis all day night.

I’m sorry, Love. Tears–yes!
You forgive and give pure joy!
Your silt-free healing streams
cover all raw wound sins,
remove dirty coverup
bandages and built up
layers of guilt,
even guilt for guilt.

Full release here with You, Love:
all stops pulled on heart-to-hearts.
Your wise gentle counsel rains
generate holy song streams.
We move together in Your soundless
surround-sound love power.