To the Nth Degree: Genesis


From nothing, something!
From dark timeless silence
in endless empty space–
the first word, the God Word–
Light burst forth alive
with unbounded force,
unimaginable brilliance,
infinite creativity.


Superhuman supervisor
always gave, every day
gives us good work–
gardens to tend,
creatures to name,
people to love,
children to feed.

We are like Adam and Eve;
we are descendants of Noah;
call us Abram, Hagar, Sarai,
Ismael and Isaac,
Esau and Jacob.
Lost without our supervisor,
we are Joseph in charge of all.


All anyone needed You provided:
blessed people with partners and coworkers,
flourishing in Your six-note one-rest rhythm.
Your tender providence far surpassed need:
beamed rainbow light to sign earth care contract;
blessed Abraham’s family to bless all tribes.


You cursed the serpent for
deceiving Your dear ones;
cursed the ground, but not
groundskeepers tending Your good earth.
You cried a flood that almost
wiped out humanity.
You cut off babbling braggarts talk lines.
You heard a faithful uncle’s plea bargain
for his wayward nephew’s life
before You sentenced Sodom.
You heard refugee mother Hagar’s sobs
and preserved her son.



Oh God, surely You exaggerated!
Every thought only evil all the time?
But then again that was before the flood;
maybe humans hadn’t evolved enough. 
Not that people wised up: Noah got drunk;
Abram made Sarai pose as his sister;
Rebecca and Jacob cheated Esau;
in so-called defense of Dinah’s honor
her brothers murdered every man in town;
all shepherds were detested in Egypt.
Prejudice and vice, ever virulent.
God have mercy, You see our mixed motives.


Humble good is also possible.
Noah followed Your instructions;
Abram gave Lot first choice of land
and King Abimelech offered
Abraham free range of his land.
“Seeing you” Jacob told Esau
“is for me like seeing God’s face.”
Judah staked his life on reuniting
brother Benjamin with father Jacob.


Holy Creator of heaven and earth:
may we address You with utmost respect
in the tradition of Melchizedek,
King of Peace City, Priest of God Most High.

Like Abraham appealing for mercy
on Lot’s behalf, we humbly ask:
“Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?”–
pleading for ensnared young go-getters.

Like the patriarchs we make home altars
and promise You a tenth of all we earn.
We worship and honor You our Shepherd,
Jesus who delivers us from all harm.

Psalm 34 Alphabet

All attend
Breathe blessing
Come close
Dance deliverance
Enjoy echoes
Face fears
Greet grace
Hear hearts
Imagine infinity
Join Jesus
Keep looking
Love life
Mark manifestations
Notice nurture
Observe openings
Pursue peace
Quiet quandaries
Remember rapport
Savor shalom
Turn trouble
Upstage unrest
Validate vitality
Welcome weakness
eXtol excellence
Yes, You
Zap zero!

Collage#7 – Robox Family


Nuclear family stands four abreast
stiff as a makeshift wall with certain
body parts numbered. Concave eyes gaze
past live children in corners. Sister
holds stop sign with fine print slavery stats.

Mother’s forehead focus shades sad eyes;
stomach revolts reading of trillions
raked in worldwide by shadow bankers;
box womb exposes firstborn grandson.

Towering above envelope he bears,
father’s blank eyes reveal no address.
From the 99% it says;
To tri-numbered open empty box?
He stands mute, waist-deep in global sea
of disasters and celebrations.

Brother’s hooded eyes and stoic stance
override the torn love sign he wears.
Will at least one child eye pair spot it?