Leviticus and Numbers

Holy One

You lived in fire all night,
in dense fog all day–
pure Presence, not aloof,
always hovering before them
there in no-man’s land.

Through Moses You told them
Be holy as I am holy.
Don’t do anything that could
endanger your neighbor’s life.
Make restitution in full
plus one-fifth the value.
Keep the Sabbath work-free
in holy devotion to me.
Celebrate Atonement Day yearly,
freely cleansed of all your sins before me.
Consecrate the Jubilee Year
proclaiming freedom of debt to all.



Draw us to stand in rapt attention
assembled before You, Holy One.
Spirit-fire, come sizzle the fat
we sweat in time-offering efforts.
Unstop our voices to shout with joy,
bodies to fall facedown adoring.



Origin of all order,
You insure all are counted;
all belong and have their place.

You establish community:
all vows must be kept, pledges honored;
one law for all–natives and aliens.

You commission priests, appoint leaders,
respond to pleas for meat.  For healing
the snake on a pole points to Your Son.

No one lives who treats You with
contempt. Earth eats them or they
die slowly on her surface.



Blessed are those who go all out in prayer
to the God of every human spirit
like Moses with whom You spoke one on one,
like Aaron who spoke up for Miriam,
like wholeheartedly devoted Caleb.

Yes, and blessed are those like Balaam by whom
You spoke blessing through an animal.

Blessed now be one who spray paints on his truck
in gold: All praise to Whom all praise is due.

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