Nth Degree Poems: Deuteronomy

Covenant Maker

Who but You could write love’s rule?
God of gods, sovereign most awesome,
cannot be bribed, partial to none.

How without You would we learn love?
O Loving Parent, You conceive,
birth, deliver, love all always.

No disease can dim our spirits:
Your love sparks, stokes, affirms our work–
land to tend wherever we walk.

You who etched ten prime laws in stone,
imprint Your pledge on open hearts:
I will never abandon you.

Through Moses You speak: Remember
all you saw I did for you
though you were a stiff-necked people.



Before I die
sure as October gusts carry
seeds to ground, may I
like centenarian Moses
tell Your story, pass Your commands
to next generation God-praise singers.

As Moses climbed Sinai
and finally Nebo,
may I keep on hiking up Your mountains
until the day I die–
eager to see You–with keen eyes,
glimpsing visions of Your new earth.

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