Nth Degree Poems: Joshua

The Leader

I give you my strength
says the Strong One:
March on, keep marching;
walk together, all of you
seven times round
or however many it takes
for looming walls to fall.
Be bold, confident, encouraged!
I am your leader.
Trumpet heralds, go all out;
marchers, shout out loud.
I am with you–
before and beside you
all ways always–
never will I leave you.
I am Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus:
the walls will tumble;
march on, keep marching;
be strong. Watch the walls fall.



Rahab known as harlot
testified in Jericho:
Your Yahweh is God of all earth and skies.
Rahab preserved the Hebrew spies’ lives
and signed her rehab with a scarlet cord.

Joshua followed divine direction:
erected an altar of uncut stones;
copied all God’s laws on other stones;
read every word aloud to the whole
assembly, including the aliens.
Years later he set up a single stone
announcing This stone has heard all God’s words
and stands as a witness against 
all future faithless ones.

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