Nth Degree Poems: Judges

The Defender

You chose Gideon, a most
unlikely, reluctant leader.
You pruned his army to 300
proving You alone were our defender.

You raised up Prophet Deborah
instructing commander Barak
that You were in charge. You routed
all Sisera’s chariots and army
leaving him alone, exhausted, asleep
as Ja’el nailed her tent peg through his head.

Oh Jesus, were You there
in the strong tower
with all the people left in the city
after Abimelech killed 1000?
You built the tower?
You transformed Yourself–became the tower?
Holy Spirit, did You empower
the woman to heave the millstone?
Did You bring the murderer
below her, an easy target?


Tears to God

After God’s angel’s
convicting questions
all the Israelites
wept aloud together
at the place they called
Bokim, meaning weepers.
When will we weep for our wrong-doings?

Between battles with their
Benjamite brothers the whole
Israelite army inquired of God,
sitting alert to God’s presence,
fasting and weeping all day.
Oh when will we weep seeking God?

After all the Benjamite
men had been killed
the Israelites sat before God
all day again, raising their
voices and weeping bitterly.
Will we ever weep aloud
together in public?

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