Nth Degree Poems: Samuel


Started all over again as one
provoked, longing woman wept bitterly,
pleading for a child.
You gave her Samuel.
She poured out her praise in song
and when the boy was weaned
Hannah kept her promise.
She gave him back to You,
brought him to live with Your priest.

The Word

Your voice hoisted the boy from bed three times.
Holy Spirit stuck with him life long,
igniting every word Samuel spoke.

You spoke through a bold shepherd boy.
Attention, scared brothers: Yahweh saves!
Attention, Philistine hordes: 
Yahweh gives all, even Goliath,
into our hands, young David proclaimed.



Famous David:
slingshot champ,
shepherd poet;
Saul’s musician,
Saul’s fugitive,
Saul’s lifesaver,
Saul’s son-in-law,
Saul’s successor;
beloved leader,
God-crazed dancer;
famous, yet
infamous king,
distraught father,
tired warrior,
lonely old man
the best years as
Jonathan’s friend,
the good years as
guardian and
table companion.

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