Nth Degree Poems: Kings


In solemn shalom
young king Solomon
slept and dreamt he knelt.
Ask me what you want
All Kings’ King offered.
“Wisdom” he replied
wisely in the dream.
God smiled, promising
wealth and fame beside.

Wisdom came, but Solomon
sunk to opulent extremes
seldom remembering the dream.
From seven years slave labor
God’s house known as Solomon’s
Temple rose, splendid, ornate.
His own lavish palace took
thirteen years. He acquired a
thousand wives and concubines.

No more shalom for Solomon’s sons;
wisdom was scarce in the split kingdom,
channeled through prophets for years to come.


Spiritual Formation Prayer

God of Elijah:
Feed us with that forty-day
journey bread. Lead us to Your mountain.

God of Elisha:
Teach us to heal Earth’s waters,
transforming all to life-giving streams.

God of Josiah:
Keep us fully devoted,
never off-track on the right or left.

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