Nth Degree Isaiah Poems

Call and Response

Who are you?
Eyes…. Aye…. Ah!
What say you today–
no longer flaming angel-vision lit
or live ember singed lip-synced.

Our heart-eyes dart off page
off prophet to the ever Alive
One in magnificent blinding
multi-galactic luminescence.

Generator of all stars, all suns
all moons, all planets;
Orchestrater of all heavenly bodies;
Marshall of all beings of light;
Life-breath of all beings of humus dust;
Guarantor of universal
epiphany and harmony:

we worship You.


The Appeal

Listen! Drink in wonder
brimming newness
bursting fullness.
Turn. Be taken aback;
face your present and see beyond:
Shalom everywhere
for everyone forever
healing light joy fruit peace.
Preview the upside-down
world armies gone, stars
fallen, all humble equal
smiling, undying, unvying
suffering-servant-king kindness.

Ecclesiastes Nth Degree Poem

Solemn Solomon

Wealthy, overly-married
philosopher king,
supposed author
or at least patron
of Ecclesiastes:
Why were you
never satisfied?
Why did you
view all pursuits
Full of regrets,
obsessed with death,
you sound cynical.

Did your boredom
ruin the kingdom?

Anyway, milennia later
this rare joy ray
offers some solace:
God made everything
beautiful in its time
and set eternity
in the human heart.

Proverbs Nth Degree Poems

Ode to Lady Wisdom

Your stately cadences conduct
majestic galactic processions.
Your ardor illumines every
purpose with perfect consequence.

Joyful, wise, all re-creating
peace-procreating Spirit:
With childlike abandon
we inhale You. Keep us

dancing in Your song-filled
light, unfazed by violent
interlopers, undeterred
by blind exploiters.


All Points Bulletin

Listen, foolhardy ego-men!
Attention, brash youths
and rejuvenated diehards:

Hear humanity’s Guide;
be alert to our Author’s voice
everywhere, in all your actions.

Always stay on Love’s good path;
follow Life-way’s light
from dawn’s glimmer to endless day.

Speak up for voiceless people;
advocate for all those
with no access to land or work.

Psalms Nth Degree Poems

Global Reach

Tri-formed one Greatest One:
Around the entire planet
like a (vast, invisible) mother dove
You hover, perch, croon and roost.

Sovereign, wisest, most ancient,
ever-youthful Elder:
With magnetic gravity
yet whimsical levity You govern.

Maestro of light-year moments:
You orchestrate cosmic
symphonies, subatomic centrifuge,
each beat, pulse, beam, force, cycle.

Sky-writer, cloud-crafter,
live water surging royal in all veins,
ocean of tears on all shores:
You inspirit all people.



Smile without guile into each child’s eyes
buoying up joy for every girl and boy.

Applaud God like every pea-pod and goldenrod;
hear here, revere with all seers.

Raise praise while you stargaze or walk a maze;
celebrate our Great Creator early and late.

Come now, beat all drums, strum guitars and hum along;
be entranced; dance.  Take a stance.  Freelance.

Follow God’s shadow; echo the oboe;
mingle at the spring; form a ring; linger and sing.



On the cusp of grand-motherhood
You transplanted me,
a restless, impulsive divorcee,
to an urban garden.

After half a life
uprooting myself You rooted me
in church, married anew.
You tend us daily, carefully.

You entrust us with children to love,
books to read and write, people to welcome;
You teach us trust, rest, hope
for every new day.

You walk us across
politics’ prolific divides;
Your immense love carries us along
pain’s rugged trails, through grief’s chasms.

With You, Friend Jesus,
I’m a carefree child for all ages.
Your renewing Spirit will bond
each couple, all churches.



God, who are You? I wail–
the One who sees, hears, knows all?
How can You look into all these children’s
horror-struck eyes?
Jesus Christ!  I shout:
when will all the bitter weeping stop?

Why do hell-on-earth dead zones spread
relentlessly?  Oil gushes in oceans;
carbon stifles oxygen.
War sucks up trillions of dollars,
maims and murders more and more people.

God, I cry for strip-mined mountains,
land-mined river banks, toxic wastes,
garbage dumps where children scavenge.
I scream for child prostitutes,
child laborers, slaves.

O God, what about Your love?
Now I can only moan and whimper,
yearning for Your retribution,
pleading for Your restoration.


Nth Degree Job Poem

When I am
hurting like Job–
children gone, job over,
health ravaged–
friends may come and sit
quietly in sympathy,
in empathy awhile,
as Job’s three friends sat
mute with him for a week,
before spouting condescending
reasoning that loads on blame.

Will anyone accept
my refusal to give up,
remembering Job’s endurance
when his wife advised
Curse God and die?

Will I stay sane,
pleading against
divine silence
till I enter the vast whirlwind
where nothing past matters
for I am reborn to see, and finally
hear God’s voice?

Nth Degree Esther Poem

The Die Was Cast

Still a girl at heart
I go starry-eyed over Esther.
Born in exile, orphaned young,
Uncle Mordecai was her guardian,
Hadassah her Hebrew name,
hidden myrtle, star-flower.
With hundreds from all over the empire
this young virgin was captured, secluded,
coached, pampered, prepared
for one night with the Persian king.
He chose to crown her queen–
what were the odds?

Proud Haman decreed all must bow to him;
everyone obeyed except Mordecai.
Villain Haman prodded the king
to sign the edict for Holocaust Day.
Mordecai urged Esther:
Appeal to the king on our behalf.
She  urged all Jews and her Persian maidservants:
Fast three days with me.
Sleepless, the king read in an old scroll
Mordecai had saved his life.
This same king who had banished Queen Vashti
for declining his summons
welcomed demure Esther unsummoned,
granted her plea, reversed the edict.
Mordecai was honored; Haman was hung.
What were the odds?

Nth Degree Poems


Word Alive whose hand was on Scribe Ezra:
You are kind to all who look up to You.
Attitude-changer, heart-mover of kings,
family heads, priests, and impoverished exiles:
take charge of our lives; transform our mindsets.



Gather us as one person
standing in rapt attention
as Your Holy Word is read
to all who can understand
from the first day to the last.


Nth Degree Poems: Chronicles

Congregational Prayer 1

Divine One, You convene us, conjoin us;
You imprint us with Your Name, and You
promise us Your eyes and, yes, Your heart.

Holy Mystery, envelop us
as Your cloud filled the temple
preventing the priests
from performing their service.

Radiant Glory, astound every
Holy Spirit temple; come
fill each body of believers.


Congregational Prayer 2

Thank You, Holy Muse, for the Chronicles
of Your faithful, long-forgotten prophets–
Azariah, Hanani, and Huldah.

Thanks for King Jehoshaphat’s honest call:
We don’t know what to do
but our soul eyes are fixed on You.

Teach us to pray like David,
Asa, and Hezekiah, for You pardon
all who set their hearts on seeking You.