Nth Degree Esther Poem

The Die Was Cast

Still a girl at heart
I go starry-eyed over Esther.
Born in exile, orphaned young,
Uncle Mordecai was her guardian,
Hadassah her Hebrew name,
hidden myrtle, star-flower.
With hundreds from all over the empire
this young virgin was captured, secluded,
coached, pampered, prepared
for one night with the Persian king.
He chose to crown her queen–
what were the odds?

Proud Haman decreed all must bow to him;
everyone obeyed except Mordecai.
Villain Haman prodded the king
to sign the edict for Holocaust Day.
Mordecai urged Esther:
Appeal to the king on our behalf.
She  urged all Jews and her Persian maidservants:
Fast three days with me.
Sleepless, the king read in an old scroll
Mordecai had saved his life.
This same king who had banished Queen Vashti
for declining his summons
welcomed demure Esther unsummoned,
granted her plea, reversed the edict.
Mordecai was honored; Haman was hung.
What were the odds?

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