Proverbs Nth Degree Poems

Ode to Lady Wisdom

Your stately cadences conduct
majestic galactic processions.
Your ardor illumines every
purpose with perfect consequence.

Joyful, wise, all re-creating
peace-procreating Spirit:
With childlike abandon
we inhale You. Keep us

dancing in Your song-filled
light, unfazed by violent
interlopers, undeterred
by blind exploiters.


All Points Bulletin

Listen, foolhardy ego-men!
Attention, brash youths
and rejuvenated diehards:

Hear humanity’s Guide;
be alert to our Author’s voice
everywhere, in all your actions.

Always stay on Love’s good path;
follow Life-way’s light
from dawn’s glimmer to endless day.

Speak up for voiceless people;
advocate for all those
with no access to land or work.

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