Lament for a Bride

Stripped naked except for her necklace
made of prayer tears. Filthy, shamed, despised,
racked with sobs she shudders in the vacuum
tunnel of horrors. No relief. No rest. No comfort.
No help. God! she cries in self-disgust: Look!
Why did I turn from You? she wails.
Now I am deprived, deserted, desolate!
See me bereaved, betrayed, besieged, broken;
hear my groans for I am rejected,
trampled, punished, pursued.
Yes, you are destitute, desecrated, defiled,
mourns the prophet.

Keep on weeping, Bride of Christ.
I sit alone in silence, grieving for you.
Holy Loving One hears our prayer tears,
clothes us with new compassions every day.
We rise to praise our ever-faithful spouse.


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