Ah, Sovereign Lord!

All-seeing, All-ruling One,
You showed Prophet Ezekiel
Your holy glory in wheels,
creatures covered with eyes,
phantasmagoric dreamscapes.

You foretold every wall falling–
the epitome of all earthquakes–
yet You told Ezekiel
to tell Your exiled people
Do not be terrorized; do not panic,
no matter crooks and spooks all around.

Told Your prophet
Watch closely all I show you;
tell the people all you see.

Death Valley full of human bones:
Can these bones live? Can the dead,
long gone community revive, reconnect?

Miracles ahead You said:
I will plant a tender treetop sprig
that will grow and branch, branch and grow
and bear fruit. All will know
I topple high-and-mighty ones
and raise up lowly ones
by a river no one can cross
which makes salt water fresh
giving life to all creatures,
nourishing fruit trees of all kinds
which bear every month because
my holy spirited water 
flows to all their roots.

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