Daniel Nth Degree Poem

New rising star in Babylon,
best-looking, healthiest,
most brilliant visionary seer–

Daniel the exile–
knelt in his room thrice
daily in praiseful prayer.

Framed by jealous middlemen
Daniel ignored the king’s ordinance,
risked his life, kept kneeling–dawn, noon and night–

knelt before the most mysterious,
utterly transcendent, all-seeing,
all-knowing, all-powerful One.

Ashamed for allowing Daniel’s framing,
sleepless while Daniel was caged with lions,
King Darius was immensely relieved

come morning, as Daniel emerged unscathed.
Darius decreed all revere the Most
High, always alive, ever-reigning One

*    *    *    *   *

Devout Daniel poured out his soul in prayer,
in fasting, in rigorous self-denial
for three weeks, mourning God’s temple’s demise.

Valiant intercessor Daniel
confessed on behalf of his exiled
unlistening people; pled divine mercy.

God unveiled for Daniel Ancient of Days,
Son of Man, Holy of Holies visions–
when Earth’s millions wake and saints rule all lands.


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