Full Stop

God of all powers curses cheaters,
turns fake priests’ blessings to curses,
exposes law-thwarting judges.

God of all love says I have always
loved you
. Loved us? How? people ask.
Impudence! Your words weary Me.

Return to Me and I will turn
back to you. Stop robbing Me. How?
Bring your whole tithe. Wait, watch and see:

Clear blessing windows wide open.
My true priest walks with Me in peace,
radiant with healing energy.

Look and Listen

Missing many around the campfire
one night, earth’s chief, Vision Master
shows eight visions to one prophet.

First, myrtle trees, messengers on
red, brown, white horses, and an angel
who turns chief’s anger to kindness.

Second, empire gusts hurtling
refugees north, south, east, west, and four
larger empires enforcing calm.

Third, Peace City open to all:
God-fire guards; Spirit-chief shines within.
All tribes come! Loud joy! Quiet awe.

Fourth, the high priest reclothed in clean
royal robes at chief’s seven-eyed stone.
Sin gone in one day. Love alive!

Fifth, seven ever-lit golden
oil lamps pierce all gloom, reflect chief’s eyes.
Sixth, a flying scroll all can read:
All Thieves and Liars Hereby Banished.

Seventh, two windborne winged women
bearing the land’s harlot idol
to Babylon in a basket.

Eighth, power-horses surging between
mountains, pulling chief’s chariots west,
south and north to rest for a time.

Message Master foretells gentle chief’s
coming: first scorned by oppressors,
finally honored, ruling all in peace.



A place for worship? Later, not yet.
Working very hard. Getting nowhere?
Busy with own houses. Never content?

Two heard God via Haggai:
Z and J rallied all the others;
God woke their spirits to work as one.

Truth started prying open minds
to persevere–honest, fearless–
through worldwide sifting to shalom.

Message from an African Prophet

Purifier will scour Earth,
eradicate every idolater,
eliminate each merchant mogul,
annihilate all arrogant, shameful,
shameless, self-assured profiteers.
Cry, moan, shudder in horror, gasp in awe:
ravenous wildfires will purge the world.

From the rubble devout survivors
look to You alone for every need,
trumpet whole heart joy songs.
Thank You, Life Wellspring!
On every continent in all cultures
humble leaders worship and serve;
God’s holy breath cleanses voices
for sincere prayer and communal labor.


Back and Forth

Ever-praying honest questions:
How long? Why?  Violence!
Justice always twisted!

Ever-living Holy One:
Why worldwide looters?
How long insatiable greed?

God hears the faithful prophet.
God sees cedars hacked down,
animals dead, people slaving, fighting,
dying for nothing;
impotent images idolized.

God fills creation, calling
everyone to holy silence.
God’s ageless promise echoes:
As earth knows water
all people will know me.

Viewing God’s light beyond vision
the praying prophet vows:
Though no fruit grows, no food nourishes,
I will always dance in Your pure joy.


Gale force God-frown drains
bully nation. Galactic anger
erases global empire gang.

Stores on every corner?
Piles of corpses in every alley!

But Nahum’s name means comfort.
Look up, grave-diggers and grieving mothers:
Peace Envoy comes down the mountain.


From small hometown to capital
gateway the unknown prophet walks,
unshoed, unclothed, crying to all:

Look! Listen! Volcano Maker
brings charges in cosmic courtroom.
Mother Earth and all your mountains,
God summons you as witnesses.
Gold-plated religion-mongers,
God indicts you. Final notice,
landlord vultures: eviction by
Lord of all Lands. False prophets, out! 

Everyone wonders what does God
expect from us–child sacrifice!?
No, only be fair, kind, humble.
From a small town Shepherd King comes:
Ageless love will rule everywhere,
everyone at home, safe, content.

Micah lives out his question name,
preaching Who is like the Lord,
praying Who but You could be God?


God of Heaven, maker of all seas
sent the strongest of ocean winds, stirred
most violent, ship-battering storm.

All sailors yelled, each to his own god.
The captain woke Jonah: Call on your god!
The lot fell on Jonah: What have you done?

Fled God he said; you must throw me off.
No! they said; threw stuff off, rowed harder.
Storm got worse yet. They threw Jonah off.

God forgive! they prayed: You are in charge;
let us live though Jonah has to die
But a God-sent creature gulped Jonah.

From its belly in ocean’s deep heart
Jonah prayed three long-dark-night days, till
God’s sea creature puked him up on shore.

Then Jonah followed God’s directions,
accepted his suicide mission;
preached doom for the most wicked city.

But from king on down all repented
and God relented. But then! Jonah
pouted: Let me die if You love them!

A God-raised gourd vine shaded Jonah;
next day a God-sent worm ate the vine.
Sweating Jonah cried Just let me die!

Your measly ease, this private vine you
did not provide meant more to you than
thousands of my children’s lives, Jonah?