Look and Listen

Missing many around the campfire
one night, earth’s chief, Vision Master
shows eight visions to one prophet.

First, myrtle trees, messengers on
red, brown, white horses, and an angel
who turns chief’s anger to kindness.

Second, empire gusts hurtling
refugees north, south, east, west, and four
larger empires enforcing calm.

Third, Peace City open to all:
God-fire guards; Spirit-chief shines within.
All tribes come! Loud joy! Quiet awe.

Fourth, the high priest reclothed in clean
royal robes at chief’s seven-eyed stone.
Sin gone in one day. Love alive!

Fifth, seven ever-lit golden
oil lamps pierce all gloom, reflect chief’s eyes.
Sixth, a flying scroll all can read:
All Thieves and Liars Hereby Banished.

Seventh, two windborne winged women
bearing the land’s harlot idol
to Babylon in a basket.

Eighth, power-horses surging between
mountains, pulling chief’s chariots west,
south and north to rest for a time.

Message Master foretells gentle chief’s
coming: first scorned by oppressors,
finally honored, ruling all in peace.


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