Question Man

Everyone from city and country
flocks out to hear John the Baptizer.
Jesus comes too. John baptizes him.
Who is Jesus? Did you see that dove?
What was that voice? Where is Jesus now?

Months later, amazed crowds gather round
this healer, exorcist, parable
teacher, paradox speaker, man of
extremes, feeder of thousands. With God
all is possible he says. Sell all; 
give all like that poor widow; serve all.
Honor this woman’s anointing me.

Religiocrats incite masses.
As predicted, Jesus’ disciples
all betray, disown or desert him.

Death witness centurion exclaims:
Surely this man was the Son of God!
Caring women keep watch and become
first resurrection news receivers,
but flee the angel and tell no one.

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