Dr. Luke Checked All the Facts


Angel strikes aged priest mute for doubt;
devout old wife is pregnant;
young niece, pregnant by holy
God power, comes to visit;
fetus John leaps for joy; old and young
Elizabeth and Mary
burst forth in full-Spirited praise;
after he scrawls Yes his name is John
Zechariah’s voice returns;
Spirit-filled, he prophesies.

Angel to no-count sheep guards:
Good news! Vast joy for all! Countless more
angels: Drum-roll for the Highest One;
God’s peace, love to lowly ones.
Sheep-watchers see manger infant,
give God shout-outs for all they witness,
tell the news and amaze all.
Mary mulls her heart’s full trove.

Old Holy-Spirited Simeon
holds eight day-old boy and foretells
liberty for all people groups.
Aged prophetess Anna
always prays, fasts and worships,
never leaves the temple gate;
gives God thanks, announces the child
to all who yearn for freedom.

Twelve year-old Jesus astonishes
all teachers in temple one day.
Then no word for eighteen years, till
Spirit-bathed Jesus is led
from baptism to fasting
wilderness and Satan’s bait.


All eyes on him in home synagogue
but all livid as Jesus cites
providence to Gentile scriptures.
Soon news of Jesus spreads everywhere;
even Torah teachers from all towns
come to hear this homeless one.

In full public view on a Sabbath
Jesus tells man with shriveled hand
Stand up; stretch it out; man rises,
extends completely restored hand.
Another Sabbath at another
synagogue Jesus sees woman
unable to straighten up at all,
warped in soul and body eighteen years.
Woman, you are freed! he declares;
at once she stands up straight, gives God praise.

Full of Holy Spirit joy
Jesus praises God for hiding
demon-trouncing powers from shrewd men
and revealing them to mere children.

Master of maxims, Jesus
proclaims: Ask and receive; search and find;
lift self and be lowered; lower self
and be raised. Teacher of teachers
Jesus urges Love enemies;
give to all who ask of you.
In lost sheep, lost coin, lost son
and persistent widow tales
Jesus tells all our stories.

Because of me Jesus warns
all will hate you, all nations
will jail you, but all who give up
all for Peace Kingdom will gain much more:
heaven’s true life starting now.

End and New Beginning

Pilate finds charges against Jesus
baseless, nothing deserving of death.
One thief dying with Jesus
mutters insults; the other gasps
This man has done nothing wrong.

Women hear first, believe first,
tell everyone angels’ news:
Jesus rose, walked from his tomb!
Perplexed Emmaus walkers
hear Jesus himself explain
how all Scripture speaks of him.
Yet they only recognize Jesus
as their guest breaks bread, becomes their host.

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