Love Story

Last gospel author called himself
Jesus’ beloved disciple.
Called Jesus poetry personified,
energy embodied–universe generator,
revealer of God’s pure, free-for-all love.

First Baptist John called Jesus God’s sin-bearer lamb;
later some called him Messiah.
Jesus called God My Father and himself
human son, seer of each heart’s bent.

I am he said: I am life’s bread,
the always growing, all fruit-bearing vine;
I am unfenced truth; I am cosmos’ light;
I am the good guide, God’s open gateway;
I am resurrection. I give, he said:
I give ever-flowing life-spring water,
complete thief-proof joy; I give you all peace.

Jesus prayed early, late and long, alone
with Father for hours, and aloud with friends
prayed, May all who believe in me be one.
Beloved John exclaimed, If all
Jesus did could be recorded
scripture would inundate the universe.
Jesus promised God’s counselor:
teacher, advocate, convictor–Spirit
reminder of all The Master had said.

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