Holy Story

Addressing an unknown God-lover,
Dr. Luke resumes his account:
book one was all about Jesus; book two
his Holy Spirit driven apostles.

A hundred and twenty wait,
praying constantly together.
On Festival Day wind sound fills the house,
heaven’s flames hover over every head;
Spirit fires all tongues to voice God-praise
in every gathered pilgrim’s native brogue.
Peter quotes God’s global Spirit-pouring
promise, preaches of Jesus, quotes Psalms,
shows God’s plan and death’s failed counterplot.
Hearts awaken; three thousand are baptized.

Believers all live as family, sharing
belongings and meals, worshiping daily.
Apostles’ miracles fill all with awe;
God’s Spirit draws in new people each day;
Holy Power shakes prayer meeting houses;
all speak boldly, broadcasting Jesus’ news.

If this Way is of God, you won’t stop it
advises most wise, revered law expert.
But jealous leaders admit no fault,
keep persecuting all Jesus namers
and stone faithful deacon, preacher Stephen.

God sends Philip to explain Isaiah
for the Ethiopian courtier, then whisks
him off to preach in all Greek speaking towns.

God’s searing light blinds Saul; Jesus’
why probe halts his murderous rampage.
God transforms hater Saul to preacher Paul.

When Dorcas, who always helps the poor, dies,
Peter sends all the mourners out,
kneels, prays, calls her name, and she wakes from death.

Through visions God dissolves the Jew/ Gentile
divide. Peter baptizes Cornelius,
realizing God welcomes from all nations
all who respect God and do what is right.

News draws new Way followers from all around;
Spirit-brimming Barnabas heartens all;
joy fills all hearing Paul’s mission trip news.

Flogged, jailed, Paul and Silas pray and sing hymns.
An earthquake opens all jail doors, breaks all
prisoners’ shackles. Paul calms jailer’s fears,
tells Jesus’ news, baptizes whole family.

In Corinth, synagogue ruler Crispus
believes in Jesus with all his household.
Each day Bereans check out Scripture’s truths.
In Athens, Paul tells men religious in
every way: God, the life-giver of all
commands all everywhere, “Turn! Face Jesus,
the one I raised from death, the world’s judge.”

In Ephesus all elders, in Tyre all
families kneel with Paul in farewell prayer.
As the angel predicted, Paul and all
from the storm-wrecked ship reach shore safely;
kind islanders warmly welcome them all.
Finally in Rome, Paul welcomes all who will
listen for bold Jesus kingdom teaching.


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