Nth Degree Romans Poem

Master calls Apostle Paul to call
all Gentiles to faith-filled life. Thank God
for you all God loves and calls in Rome;
thank God for worldwide news of your faith.
I pray for you constantly, Paul writes;
by God’s grace hope to see you at last.

Till then, accept this good life word: Faith
all the way. All creation voices
God’s wondrous rule, but all in foolish
blindness turn from God, idolize things.
No excuses: all kinds of evil
thrive with envy, strife, deceit and hate;
no one understands; no one trusts, none
have mercy, no one loves, no one cares.
God holds all to account, repays as
each deserves: distress for all self gophers;
peace and praise for faithful good doers.
All humans trespass; all stood condemned
until Jesus, Love’s Godman, secured
pardon and restoration for all.
Scholar Paul tells Jewish Christians: Faith
makes Gentiles and Jews Abram’s children.
Where sin grows God’s grace grows all the more,
directing all that happens for good,
all good for those called for Love’s purpose.
God’s gifts and call are never revoked;
no one can condemn; no power can
ever disconnect us from God’s Love.
From, to, and through God comes all wisdom.

Offer all you are to God, Paul writes:
we are one; each belongs to the whole.
Go all out for peaceful, love-filled life.
God fills you with goodness and knowledge.
May Holy Joy Spirit’s peaceful strength
infuse you all constantly with hope.

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