Double Epistle

Twice Paul writes to God’s Church in Corinth:
first with Sosthenes to those cleansed, called,
joined with God’s holy ones everywhere
who call Jesus Lord; then with Timothy
to God’s people all over Achaia.
Always, Paul writes, I thank God for you:
Jesus’ wisdom graces all you say,
all you know; you lack no Spirit gift.

For Christ’s sake agree, Paul pleads; be one
all of you, in purpose and focus;
no factions. One God created all;
one Master, Christ the Rock, gives all life;
one Spirit searches all, reveals God’s
wise, ageless, secret plan, gives different
gifts to each; so God is all in all.

Eat, drink, talk, work–all for God’s glory.
All mystery, knowledge, giving, suffering,
even faith, is nothing without love.
Love always shields, trusts, hopes, perseveres.
Faith, hope, love remain; love is greatest.

Christ is God’s YES for every promise.
As Christ’s sufferings flow into our lives
God’s comfort overflows all troubles.
Hard pressed on all sides, we are not crushed:
God’s grace is always more than enough;
our frail clay jar lives radiate God’s
perfect uncontainable power.

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