Power Epistle

Shalom, God-centered, Jesus
followers in fake-god city.
Cheers for all heaven-now gifts:
Spirit-sealed blood brotherhood;
insight to mystery wisdom;
ever-working, all ruling,
church body building power.

Divine power demolishes
every wall between people,
establishes Jesus’ peace.
Prisoner Paul kneels, pleads knowledge
power for Christ’s love beyond
any human gauge or grasp.

Paul calls Christ’s family to bond:
all humble, all gentle, one
supple Spirited body,
passionate for peace, mature,
hope-filled, christened and equipped.
Christ’s family tree bears fragrant
fruits, transparent in love’s light.

All day long grateful songs soar
from loving hearts everywhere.
Christ infuses each marriage,
all parent-child connections,
every master-servant bond.

Shielded and armored, stand firm;
no satanic blow can harm,
writes Paul. Stay linked in Holy
Spirit prayer for me and all
God’s faithful ones. Peace to all
living always in Christ’s love.

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