Nth Degree Revelation

In island exile solitude, Jesus’
clear voice summons John: Visions are coming!
Write everything down. Tell all the churches:
I am foremost and final, ruling and
over-ruling all the past and future
in fear-erasing, ever-present Love.

Attention now, each local assembly:
I commend your faithful labors: stay true;
always return to me; all who remain
will supervise by my wondrous wisdom.

John sees four flying beings, full of eyes
inside and out; hears their all day, all night
songs worshiping Holy Creator God;
sees twenty-four elders doff crowns around
the throne, kneel in child’s pose, then join the choir.

Seeing God’s royal scroll bound with seven
seals; hearing no reply to the angel’s
booming question, Is anyone worthy
to open the scroll? John mourns. But Look! one
elder shouts, Judah’s Lion, King’s Taproot,
Death’s Victor deserves to open the scroll.

Sacrificed Lamb stands; sees all, commands all.
Lamb takes the scroll: ceaseless waves of new song
praise pour from the four beings and twenty-
four elders, all playing harps, bringing all
believers’ prayers in golden incense bowls.

One by one Lamb opens all the scrolls’ seals,
releasing white, red, black, green horse power;
John foresees war, famine, disease and death.
As Seal Five opens martyrs cry, God when 
will You avenge our blood? Seal Six reveals
everyone fleeing a worldwide earthquake.

Angels hold winds back; God commands land, sea
and trees preserved while angels mark faithful
ones from all tribes as God’s noble servants.
John sees countless crowds from all earth’s cultures
waving green fronds, singing praise with one voice.
An elder says they came through the ordeal;
their robes turned brilliant white in Lamb’s pure blood.
Lamb will shepherd them always: no more tears,
no dire heat, plenty good food and water.

After Lamb opens Seal Seven, heaven
falls silent for half an hour. Then angel-
trumpeted disasters strike earth: fire, blood,
foul water, darkness; with the last three blasts
eagle in flight screams woes coming on all.

Trumpet Five releases bottomless pit’s
destroyer king with scorpion locust
hordes for five months to torture but not kill
anyone, though victims will beg to die,
and not to harm trees, plants or even grass.
Trumpet Six sends forth four angels with two
hundred million troops on lion-headed
horses spewing fire and sulphur to kill
one-third of humankind. Yet not even
one remaining evil person repents.

Rainbow-crowned, sun-faced, fire-legged angel roars;
seven thunder messages sound, but God
stops John: Do not record these mysteries;
instead eat the small scroll. Taste is sweet, but
digestion bitter. John must prophesy.
Two fiery witnesses will speak freely
three-plus years, be killed by deepest pit’s beast,
breathed alive in three-plus days, borne to God’s
presence, safe from earthquake’s huge urban toll.

Trumpet Seven heralds King of All Kings:
time now to destroy all earth-destroyers!
Red dragon waits to devour newborn prince
but he’s whisked to God. His sun-clothed, star-crowned
mother rests three-plus years in God-designed
wilderness plenitude, while God’s angels
battle dragon and minions, thrusting them
from heaven to earth where dragon serpent
attacks all woman’s God-loving children.

Dragon empowers seven-headed beast.
All nations worship beast who blasphemes God,
ten-horned beast who dominates three-plus years.
Two-horned dragon-speaking beast permits no
trade for those without his 666 mark.

John sees the royal lamb, hears twelve-times-twelve
thousand God-marked followers sing unknown tune.
Three angels warn all nations of judgment.
John sees Jesus with sharp scythe reaping earth’s
harvest and God’s winepress brimming with blood.

Then seven angels with signs of seven
last divine anger plagues: oozing skin sores;
toxic oceans full of dead creatures’ blood;
every wellspring poisoned; scorching sunshine;
total darkness throughout beast’s power sphere.

Dragon, beast, fake prophet demons summon
all kings to war in vast dry riverbed;
Angel Seven unleashes hundred pound
hailstones; most violent earthquake ever;
cities split, flattened; islands, mountains gone.
Blood-drunk king temptress, queen of wealth and fame
rides beast who was and is not and will be.
Divine judgment plagues harlot Babylon;
she burns and falls and all earth’s merchants wail.

Countless voices boom heaven’s ovation.
Awesome invite: Lamb will wed holy bride.
John sees heaven’s royal white horse rider,
flame-eyed, sword-tongued, with secret name God’s Word,
All Kings’ King. Captain garbed in blood-dipped robe
leads heaven’s white-robed riders; captures, burns
beast and fake prophet. Angel banishes
Satan to black hole while holy martyrs
rise to rule with High Priest a thousand years.

Devil gets one last chance for attack, but
heaven’s fire licks that liar clean off earth’s
battlefield, burns him up with beast and fake prophet.
John foresees all record books opened: God
judges all deeds of all who ever lived.
All not enrolled in Life-Book must suffer;
second death for liars and fake god fans.

Finally the unending beginning:
all new, all beautiful, heaven arrives.
John glimpses God’s holy hometown planted
glorious, expansive on planet earth,
adorned with jeweled murals, gates open,
streaming with artists from every nation.
Ultimate completion! Come, King Jesus!

Love Power

Scary mongrels nip our heels
as we stride through this week:
worry barks; panic yelps; dread growls.
But these letters from John the Beloved
blind every dog. True Love’s brilliance
bursts over our heart horizons.
Jesus’ divine life-light dispels
all liars, haters, antichrists.
We are free to be simply God’s
beloved children: overjoyed; bold;
ever channeling Holy Spirit truth
as God’s huge love matures in us;
caring for sisters, brothers, strangers
and all whose needs move us.

Counsel for Action

Jesus’ brother by mother Mary, James
just names himself God’s and Jesus’ servant.
Writes advice to scattered siblings in faith:
Face every test with pure joy for growing
patience that will yield mature contentment.
Need wisdom? Ask the all-giving, never
jabbing One. Discover mercy’s holy
peace motives. Speak less, never in anger.
Be all ears, single-minded, ego-free.
Caring actions validate true faith prayers.

Peace Offering

Unknown author’s epistle quotes
Torah, Psalms and prophets, all fore-
telling Jesus whose voice sustains
the universe; Jesus, perfect,
radiant, glorious Peace King;
highest priest, sole God-human bond.

Response to this God-breathed letter?
Make every effort, the writer urges:
make every effort to enter God’s peace;
every effort toward peace with all.