New Maryland State Song

marylandstateflag1  The old Maryland state song dates back to the Civil War, glorifies bloodshed, and takes the side of the confederacy. Before that, our state nickname was The Old Line State, in honor of those who fought in the Revolutionary War.  What an improvement is Maryland’s new nickname, The Free State, as printed on our license plates. Inspired recently by reading The Missing Peace and hearing a climate activist propose changing our nickname to The Fossil Free State, I wrote the following lyrics (to the tune of O Tannenbaum as was the original song):

Maryland, Dear Maryland
Dedicated to two famous Marylanders, Harriet Tubman and Rachel Carson

For free religion, settlers came–Maryland, dear Maryland!
On ships of Ark and Dove by name–Maryland, dear Maryland!
By natives taught, colonists gained; but slaves soon toiled; land barons reigned
Till freedom’s railway broke the chains–Maryland, dear Maryland!

From Chesapeake to Baltimore–Maryland, dear Maryland!
From Deep Creek Lake to Cove Point Shore–Maryland, dear Maryland!
Your peaceful streams spawn life galore, in spite of greed and waste and war.
Let wisdom flourish evermore–Maryland, dear Maryland!

Diverse your people, green your land–Maryland, dear Maryland!
Your time to shine is now at hand–Maryland, dear Maryland!
Let fossil fuels soon be banned; against all fracking take your stand;
Unite and lead with clean air plans–Maryland, dear Maryland!