Internal Combustion

Walking together then, yet each alone,
broken-hearted, heavy-hearted,
blindly trudging back home;
talking things over as we are today.

Yes, only now everything is new.
Do you know when he joined us?
No, do you? How those hours flew!
Our yearning hearts knew him first
as his words made holy writ come alive;
but the learning was only beginning.

We almost came home without him.
Yet perhaps he planned to come–
to see us know him–bread alive!
Turning to each other as he vanished,
we knew immediately what to do.

Rose and returned pell-mell to the city,
but this time light-hearted.
Bursting with joy we hurried along
unwearied, unburdened, internally driven.
Two persons with hearts melted down,
forged into one by the force of his words.
Eager to banish fearful misgivings,
we told the dubious and dutiful disciples:
“Those women were not idle dreamers!”

That was yesterday;
today we go home again.
Yes, and we are still yearning.
But not isolated now;
no longer despairing.
Now fervently learning, always alert,
ready to turn and return
with burning hearts.