Growing Community

1. You

2. Two or
three are
one when
linked by

3. Attention

4. Grandkids give grand
hugs, will share smiles
and tears alike;
write grand letters,
tell grand secrets.

5. Children harmonize
in rhythmic color:
red, yellow, black, white;
churches, form, reform,
global love circles.

6. Neighbors welcome strangers
to impromptu suppers,
connecting facess with
names, personalities
and stories old or new.

7. A pastor on God’s heart beat
patrols the block at sunrise,
elevates by name or face
each one whose house she passes,
giving thanks and crying pleas.

8. Conversations flourish among
Christ’s siblings caring for daughters,
sons and parents. Mothers become
sisters; Creator Spirit fires
the bonding, breathes hope after death.

9. Some befriend prisoners or patients;
others offer free homegrown produce;
godparents, role models and mentors,
counselors, tutors, teachers, coaches–
all serve One by serving each other.

10. Yes, two or more true friends comprise a live
community on pilgrimage, guided
by One who dispels griefs and can transform
every grievance; together we move toward
ravaged earth’s glorious recreation.