Bold Love


Oh Love, only holy one;
most broken, most potent,
most torn, most whole:
all adore you.

Hope’s rosiest odor;
throne room’s door and window opener;
ocean of down home consolation:
all invoke you.

Own our souls, most honored one;
probe our enfolded motives;
bowl egos over.
All worship you, Bold Love.

Notice Now Everyone: Love

Attention, hungry ones: Love
nourishes children, women and men;
none who know Love remain needy.

Good news, patients and friends: Love’s
nurses can strengthen nerves and numb pain;
nothing intrudes on contentment.

Listen, noble neighbors: Love
nurtures native nerds and naive nuns;
no inclination is ignored.

Notice now, everyone: Love
nudges knitters, kneelers and nappers;
no one’s name is anonymous.

Agent of Love

Genesis and ageless agent of Love:
Regenerate us; we are in danger,
jeopardized, jumpy, jostled and jostling.

Gentle, joyful, generous genius:
Rejuvenate us with jazz and jasmine;
we are junkies, jokers, unjust judges,
gypsies on a journey to the edges.

Imagine Love

Imagine Love
igniting wild
ions and isotopes:
vibrant, alive
in child’s eyes!baby

Love shines lithe and blithe,
immense yet intimate
and immanent,
lined with irony,
inviting, indicting.
Idols inquire why;
Love sighs in reply.

Ivy IQ guys
input ideas,
design icons,
isolated inside,
imbibing wine,
blind to Love’s prize
till it’s time to cry.

How We Hunger

Heaven’s Huge Love whose harmony haunts us,
Holy, Hidden One, we need help and hugs.
History’s hub, divine-human hinge, on high
hills we hunt, sing hymns, seek hints of you, Love.
Here, Jesus, hear and heal her hope-starved heart;
hold our hands, Love; hush his heady harangues.
How we hunger for your love, Holy Host!