Love Answers

We weep and whisper: When? How?
Will Love wash away worry?
Weary of worldwide wars, we
wait and work and watch and walk.

Where are the witness windows?
Why do we worship wine, wheat,
flowers, wings or whatever
when all we wish for is Love?

Questions wax but wisdom wanes.
Bewildered, wistful, we ask:
What wild wind can wear down walls?
Who welcomes Love’s indwelling?

Love answers: Women, weavers,
whistlers and all who wonder.
Your womb of love will swell with
warmly watered winsome words.

Vivid Voice of Love


Vast in evening vistas, visceral in
vesper services,
Vivacious Love envelops all who view,
moves us to review.
Ever-living Vine, viaduct of Love
keeps us viable.
All-revealing Love validates visions,
voids all vitriol.
Vivid Voice of Love revives our voices,
invigorates us.
Invincible Love invites everyone:
Receive vocation.

Ultimate Love

You understand our unsung tunes
Ultimate Love. We stutter and hum
undone by the undertow.

Umbilical Son, unite us;
uphold the human universe
in unplugged multi-hued luster.

Eucharist Love, cut us loose from
undulating underwriters and
ubiquitous gunrunners.

Tremendous Love


Tethered, tempted, threatened,
we forget to turn toward you

until it’s almost too late.
Yet you treat us tenderly.

Tremendous Love, let your
heartbeat patrol our streets;

teach us to treasure tall trees
and trust transparent parents.

Trinity of Love, tutor us
today on your story trail.

Shy Simple Love


Unceasing Love, sustain us.
Release our spirits from this
paralysis of analysis.
We confess self-induced stress.

Stupendous Love, supersede
science and seance; suspend
senescence. Stretch, soothe, loosen us
from senseless sorry sickness.

Shy simple Love, show us how
to sit still, see signs, start songs.

Restore us, Love

Are you ruling, Love?
Where are your servants?
Renewal is rare;
raw rage and raucous rifts are rampant.
Restore us, Love; bring rest.

Radical Sister:
together we roam,
trudging rough river roads,
sharing rooms, argument free.
Receive our tears; refresh us, Love.

Royal Brother, where on earth
can your friends recover?
Dare we risk retreat from the rush?
What surprise will rally us?
When will you return?

Primary Parent:
you birthed us for mirth,
ripened us through rays and rain.
Ready us now for wrestling,
forever ardent in Love.

From ruin we rise,
resuming the journey
over rocks, undeterred
by unruly roots or rash roars,
writing rave Love reviews.

Quieting Love

Quieting Love, you never quibble.
Thank you for equipping us
to relinquish quarrels.
Tranquil Love, you vanquish all our qualms
and quell every quandary.

Quintessential Love, who can quantify or qualify,
squelch or squander your quicksilver?
Unique Love, you are
equal to any quest or request.

Pure Love


Pure Love, we pray all people pursue
your purpose, your promise–perfect peace.

Priest of Love, in deep sleep prepare us
for paradox–patience shaped by pain.

Pierce our apathy, Prophet of Love;
please help us up from our pits and dumps.

Pristine Love, preempt our presumptions;
prompt us to pause, perceive, and proceed.

Spirit, occupy prisons and all
spaces that push or pull us apart.

Keep us poised in praise of your powers,
playful, passionate, pregnant with hope.