Lenten Quiet Day

Tears tear open heart-eye ducts; salt tears
wear their way through frozen conduits.
Holy tears mix with sacred sweat
clearing sullied love-streams.

Welcome, mystery of stillness,
voice of peace at words’ fringes.
Come calm frazzled brain circuits.

Majesty of silence, embrace
of serene breath beyond sound,
beyond movement, soothe nerve-wracked edges.


Diamond-dotted, ermine-cloaked Lady Snow,
seductive in lingering moon shadows,
Be forewarned: beware the slides of March.
This is your final predawn beguiling.
Hush that always-winter-never-Easter song!
Sunrise foretells your crystal meltdown;
Lent marches on, unrelenting.
Tomorrow we spring forward.
Black branches will lose highlight contours,
evergreen boughs drop fluffy shrouds.
Purple crocuses, yellow daffodils
will spring forth from snow-soaked soil.