8 a.m. Last Day of March

Walking into renewed joy, gently cheered by gurgling creek, robin song and sparrow’s swoop between fence rails. Freshened by spring onion pungency. Calmed by the balance of wood’s reflection in pond. Invited, invigorated, invested, delighting in the light gray, white, blue sky layers: sun persisting, radiating, fading, then brightening again. Daylight streaming between trees, igniting insights, instigating smiles and cheerful greetings. Hyacinth and daffodil buds on the verge of colorful revelations. Moist soil awaiting new seeds and seedlings. Grass greening. Squirrels scurrying a quickened pace. Heart spring toward the One who makes all things new. Eager steps, stronger pulse, breathing in exclamations, breathing out questions. Alive in heaven’s pure nowness, holy newness. Before the daily tangles and snarls when hearing is attacked by shame vibes and sight blurred by angry or sad or hurt faces. Before exhales morph to exhaust and inhales need filters.